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Thanks to BK author Jennifer Kahnweiler, I just came across this list of helpful tips.  (Thanks, Jennifer!)  I hope it's useful to the community, and I encourage others to add their own advice.



It can be tough to establish your brand in a single country, and even tougher to raise your profile internationally. Here are a few tips to help you appear in global media.

1) Learn about the international media. Read websites, of overseas magazines and newspapers, and listen to web radio. Show that you know something about a media outlet when you talk to them.

2) Keep in touch. Even if you can't imagine any way of providing something to a reporter, make sure that you keep in touch with them by adding them to your newsletter list (you do have a newsletter don't you?), or by sending them something of interest, such as a link to a website. One day they will call you with an interview request.

3) Sell a story, not information. Human interest works well. So does conflict. These things are of interest everywhere in the world. The more unusual, the better.

4) Be responsive. Develop a reputation for getting back to people very quickly. Once you get into the habit, you'll find that it is easier to deal with something immediately. Most stories need only one sentence from you.

5) Get media trained (obviously). No-one is a natural interviewee, Make sure that you know how to perform professionally, and your business will benefit.

6) Practice what you preach. The best advert for your business is you. If you are providing advice on efficiency, make sure that your business is super-efficient. If you are a website designer, make sure that your website is as usable as possible.

7) Become an international expert. Offer to speak about your area of expertise. Write articles, give interviews, and make yourself available to answer questions from journalists.

NOTE: This information was written by Alan Stevens, and originally appeared in "The MediaCoach", his free weekly ezine, available at



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